2016 - 2017 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L V6 Oil Service Guide

Parts and Speciality Tools Required


Oil filter with O-rings - Toyota part number 04152-YZZA1 or equivalent

Drain plug gasket - Toyota part number 90430-12031 or equivalent

Oil Filter Wrench - Motivx Tools MX2320

Oil Filter Drain Tool - Motivx Tools MX2341 - Not required but highly recommended to keep things clean

Engine Oil - 6.1 to 6.2 quarts of 0W-20 oil


Factory Maintenance Specifications

  • Engine code: 2GR-FKS
  • Engine size and configuration: 3.5L V-6
  • Engine oil capacity w/ filter change : 6.2 US qts w/ oil cooler, 6.1 US qts w/o oil cooler
  • Engine oil viscosity (SAE): 0W20
  • Oil pan drain plug torque: 40 Nm / 30 ft lbs
  • Oil filter cap torque: 25 Nm / 18 ft lbs
  • Oil filter drain plug torque: 13 Nm / 10 ft lbs


Oil Service Procedure

1) Remove the lower engine cover.
2) Drain the engine oil into a container by removing the oil pan drain plug.
3) After the oil pan is drained, install the drain plug with a new gasket torquing to 40 Nm / 30 ft lbs.
4) Remove the drain plug from the oil filter cap and dispose of the old O-ring.


5) Install the Motivx Tools MX2341 drain tool into the oil filter cap by threading the hex portion of the tool into the bottom of the cap.
6) Direct the hose into the drain container and tighten the knurled ring on the tool to start the oil flow. The hose is intentionally long but can be cut to whatever length works best for you.
7) Once the oil filter cap is drained, remove the tool.



8) Install the Motivx Tools MX2320 oil filter wrench onto the oil filter cap indexing the tabs and remove using either the 3/8" square drive or 27mm hex. On over-tightened housings we recommend using a 6 point 27mm socket with a breaker bar.


9) Remove and dispose of the used oil filter and O-ring from the cap.  
10) Clean the inside of the oil filter cap including the threads and O-ring groove.
11) Lightly oil the new O-ring and install on the cap. Be sure it's installed in the O-ring groove as shown below.


12) Install the new oil filter in the oil filter cap.
13) Be sure the threads and sealing surface on the engine are clean, and hand thread the oil filter cap into the engine ensuring the O-ring seats properly.
14) Tighten the oil filter cap using the MX2320 oil filter wrench to 25 Nm / 18 ft lbs.
15) Lightly oil the new O-ring for the oil filter cap drain valve plug and install it in the
groove shown below.


16) Be sure the threads and sealing surface for the oil filter drain valve plug on the oil filter cap are clean and install the plug, torquing to 13 Nm / 10 ft lbs.
17) Refill the engine with the recommended amount and type of oil and check the oil level.
18) Start the engine and inspect for leaks, then re-check and top off the oil as needed.
19) Install the lower engine cover.
Notes: The photos above show a plastic oil filter housing. If your vehicle has the aluminum version the process is exactly the same.