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Advanced Engine Oil Funnel for Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Saturn, and Hummer


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  • Perfect fit for all non-threaded GM vehicles

  • Advanced Engine Oil Funnel attached directly to the oil fill port in place of the cap

  • The funnel seals just like the factory cap to avoid spills

  • The funnel doesn't need to be held leaving you with both hands to open oil bottles and refill the engine

  • Made from durable materials

What This Advanced Engine Oil Funnel Fits

This funnel fits all GM vehicles that use the half turn style cap. This includes Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Saturn. It DOES NOT fit engines with a threaded cap. This cap style was most popular from the 1990's to about 2010 but vehicles produced before and after those dates may still have this cap as well. We highly suggest checking your oil filler cap before ordering.


Model # MX2302

Total Funnel Height: 8.7"

Funnel Inlet ID (Top): 4.8"

Funnel Outlet ID (Bottom): .835"

Funnel Upper Material: Flexible blue polypropylene

Funnel Lower Material: Heavy duty clear polycarbonate

Upper / Lower Funnel Connection: Threaded w/ o-ring

Funnel To Vehicle Seal: O-ring

Warranty: 1 year

Why You Need Our Funnel System

Our funnels make for easier, cleaner oil changes. Traditionally you have two options (the "no funnel" and the "regular funnel") for adding oil. Read below to see how our funnel system gives you an affordable, hassle-free way to confidently change your oil without the mess.


The “no funnel” approach

We've all probably been guilty of this. This is thinking you can pour a full quart of engine oil into the engine through the small hole in the valve cover from some distance above it. This is easier on some engines than others, but usually results in at least some spilled oil.


The “regular funnel” approach

Unless you can find a funnel that will friction fit into the oil fill port, they are usually too long and end up touching a baffle or something else causing restricted oil flow. Since they don't seal, if you pour oil in faster than it can drain down into the engine oil might overflow. Many times these funnels require you to hold them the entire time, otherwise they tend to fall over. Usually you can pre-open all the quarts of oil and balance them on the battery or other mostly flat object so you can hold the funnel with one hand and pour with the other.  


The “Motivx Tools engine oil funnel” approach

Since this funnel screws into the oil fill port, it doesn't require any holding whatsoever so you are free to use both hands. It seals to the engine with a rubber gasket so even if you pour oil in faster than it can drain down into the engine it won't leak. You can also leave single quarts of oil in the funnel to completely drain while retrieving and opening the next one.

Advanced Engine Oil Funnel Overview

Advanced Funnel Reviews

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Zachary P.
United States United States

2007, and 2014 Tahoe.

Fit with no issues, so much better than any other oil funnel, I wish I had found this product a few years ago, would've saved me a lot of money on brake parts cleaner lol.

Zhiming S.
Canada Canada
Edward E.
United States

So much Easier

Very pleased with this funnel. Quicker, cleaner and very well made. Worked like a charm.

Tyler A.
United States

Far Ahead of Competitors...still has room to improve.

I liked it all except the fact that there's a lip in the lower part that some of the oil sits on and is near impossible to manipulate into the engine.

Dennis S.
United States

Engine oil funnel for GM

It worked great, screws in to the opening and stays in place. It would be even better if it had about a 20 degree bend to it.

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