Toyota, Lexus, and Scion Oil Filter Housing and Wrench Guide

  Welcome to the Motivx Tools Toyota, Lexus and Scion oil filter housing and wrench guide.  Many new Toyota owners of both new and used vehicles are expecting to be able to change their own oil exactly like they have on other vehicles and tend to get discouraged because "special tools" are required.  A small investment in a tool that will last the life of your vehicle will literally save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars depending on how long you keep the vehicle.  In this article we're going to provide in depth information about Toyota's cartridge style oil filter system so you can make an informed decision about which tools are right for you. 

Traditional Oil Filters 

  This is what most people think of when they think of an oil filter.  It's a traditional spin on canister style filter that you simply unscrew and dispose of when changing the oil on most vehicles.  There are many different styles of tools available to remove this style of filter, however none will work propertly on your cartridge style Toyota filter housing, well not without damage anyway.  If this is what you're looking for underneath many newer Toyota, Lexus, or Scion vehicles you'll never find it.

Toyota's Cartridge Style Oil Filter

  When you buy a replacement oil filter for Toyota's cartridge style filter system it will look something like what's shown below along with several "O" rings.  With the Toyota cartridge style oil filter system the screw-on plastic or metal housing is retained and not disposed of like the traditional style above.  Instead, just the pleated element is replaced and the housing is reused.   

Toyota's Oil Filter Housings

  The above filter elements are housed in either a plastic or aluminum housing as shown below.  There is a distinct difference between the 1.8L and 2.5L - 5.7L housings.

  The image on the left is of a 1.8L housing.  This housing is found on the 1.3L and 1.8L 4 cylinder engines.  We usually refer to this as the 1.8L housing since the 1.3L is very uncommon.  These are plastic housings and do not have the center drain valve that the larger engine housings do. 

  The images on the right are of a plastic and aluminum 2.5L - 5.7L housing.  This housing is found on the 2.5L and 2.7L 4 cylinder, 3.5L and 4.0L 6 cylinder, and the 4.6L and 5.7L 8 cylinder engines.  This housing can be identified by the 3/8" drive metal plug that covers the drain valve.  Also notice how the body is distinctly wider towards the middle of the housing than the 1.8L version. 


  The image below shows the bottom view of the housing both with and without the filter installed.

Toyota 2.5L - 5.7L Oil Filter Housing Drain Valve

  One thing about removing the 2.5L - 5.7L Toyota oil filter housings is they tend to make a huge mess if you don't drain them.  The mess is caused by the vertical orientation of the housing rather than being horizontal like the 1.8L.  Toyota has provided a drain valve for you 2.5L - 5.7L owners so you can drain the filter housing prior to removing it.  This can be done by removing the metal plug to expose the valve, then installing the Motivx MX2341 drain tool.

Once the drain tool is threaded into the housing simply direct the 36" hose into your drain container and tighten the knurled portion of the tool to depress the valve and start the draining process.  Once drained remove the tool and the filter housing for a mess-free oil change.


Toyota Oil Filter Housing Diameter

  There seems to be a misconception as to the diameter of the 14 point hex ring on the top of the oil filter housings.  There is information out there that suggests that there is both a 65mm and 65.5mm housing, referring to the diameter of the 14 point ring on the top.  Neither is in fact correct.  Both styles of oil filter housing measure 64.16mm.  For sake of simplicity we refer to the diameter as 64mm.

Oil Filter Wrench Design

  So now lets talk about the wrenches used to remove the housing to allow for filter replacement.  Some oil filter wrench designs only utilize the hex ring to remove and install the housing.  The first problem with this is the combination of a large number of points (14) and the large diameter (64mm) which can cause the plastic to be rounded off and the wrench can be difficult to remove.  The second part of the problem is that these housings are frequently overtightened requiring a large amount of force to remove them. 

  The solution to this is to use an oil filter wrench that extends down past this ring and engages the tabs below.  This increases the contact area of the wrench to the housing decreasing the load on the ring.

Oil Filter Wrench Construction

  Lastly lets talk about how oil filter wrenches are constructed.  They can be manufactured in one of three ways, stamped, cast or forged.  The inexpensive stamped steel oil filter wrenches that are available at Walmart or auto parts stores are far too flexible and can result in a damaged oil filter cap or the welded nut on the top breaks off.  Most Toyota oil filter wrenches on the market today are made from cast aluminum (or sometimes mystery metal).  In our testing and other customers experiences these simply don't hold up.  They either split across the center or the teeth that engage the tabs break off.  In fact we have tested some that were advertised to be forged and turned out to be cast like the one shown below.

  We want you to have your Motivx Tools oil filter wrench for the life of your vehicle and we know it will save you a ton of money over paying someone else to change your oil.  This is why our Toyota oil filter wrenches are forged from quality 6061 T5 aluminum making them considerably stronger than cast versions.  We also go a step further and apply a quality black anodized finish to the surface to help prevent corrosion.  Many times these oil filter caps are installed very tightly and the oil filter wrench will need to be used with a breaker bar to remove it.  Our wrenches will stand up to these tough jobs guarenteed.  

This is the MX2321 oil filter wrench which fits the Toyota, Lexus, and Scion 1.8L engines.  Since the base that indexes the lower tabs is too narrow it won't fully seat on the 2.5L and larger engines.  This wrench fits the vehicles listed in the chart below.



Manufacturer Model Year Engine
Scion iM 2016 1.8L
Scion iQ 2012 – 2015 1.3L
Scion xD 2008 – 2014 1.8L
Lexus CT200h 2011 – 2016 1.8L
Toyota Corolla 2009 – 2016 1.8L
Toyota Matrix 2009 – 2013 1.8L
Toyota Prius 2010 – 2016 1.8L
Toyota Prius V 2012 – 2016 1.8L

Here's the Motivx Tools MX2320 oil filter wrench which fits the Toyota, Lexus, and Scion 2.5L - 5.7L engines.  Notice how the base is wider than the 1.8L model.  It won't work on the 1.8L engine becauase not only will the tabs not index properly but the lower portion will contact the engine block due to clearance issues.  This wrench has been tested on and is a perfect fit on the vehicles listed in the chart below.


Manufacturer Model Year Engine
Lexus ES300h 2013 – 2016 2.5L
Lexus ES350 2007 – 2016 3.5L
Lexus GS350 2007 – 2016 3.5L
Lexus GS450h 2007 – 2016 3.5L
Lexus GS460 2008 – 2011 4.6L
Lexus GX460 2010 – 2016 4.6L
Lexus IS F 2008 – 2014 5.0L
Lexus IS250 2006 – 2015 2.5L
Lexus IS300 2016 3.5L
Lexus IS350 2006 – 2016 3.5L
Lexus LS460 2007 – 2016 4.6L
Lexus LS600h 2008 – 2016 5.0L
Lexus LX570 2008 – 2016 5.7L
Lexus NX300h 2015 – 2016 2.5L
Lexus RC F 2015 – 2016 5.0L
Lexus RX300 2016 3.5L
Lexus RC350 2015 – 2016 3.5L
Lexus RX350 2007 – 2016 3.5L
Lexus RX450h 2010 – 2016 3.5L
Scion tC 2011 – 2016 2.5L
Toyota 4-Runner 2010 – 2016 4.0L
Toyota Avalon 2013 – 2016 2.5L
Toyota Avalon 2005 – 2016 3.5L
Toyota Camry 2010 – 2016 2.5L
Toyota Camry 2007 – 2016 3.5L
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2010 – 2014 4.0L
Toyota Highlander 2009 – 2016 2.7L
Toyota Highlander 2008 – 2016 3.5L
Toyota Land Cruiser 2008 – 2016 5.7L
Toyota RAV4 2009 – 2016 2.5L
Toyota RAV4 2006 – 2012 3.5L
Toyota Sequoia 2010 – 2012 4.6L
Toyota Sequoia 2008 – 2016 5.7L
Toyota Sienna 2011 – 2013 2.7L
Toyota Sienna 2007 – 2016 3.5L
Toyota Tacoma 2016 3.5L
Toyota Tundra 2014 4.0L
Toyota Tundra 2010 – 2016 4.6L
Toyota Tundra 2007 – 2016 5.7L
Toyota Venza 2009 – 2016 2.7L
Toyota Venza 2009 – 2016 3.5L