Motivx Tools Launches "Made In USA" Tool Line
May 17, 2021

Motivx Tools Launches "Made In USA" Tool Line

Motivx Tools is excited to announce that in May 2021, our brand new "Made In The USA" tools will start to become available.

These tools will be slowly phased in to replace existing products as we update them to be manufactured from materials sourced in the US.

In addition to growing our domestic manufacturing and design capabilities, Motivx has been hard at work over the past year re-designing tools to make improvements in reliability, fit and durability. These upgrades resulted in a new patent-pending design on our very popular line of oil filter wrenches. We are also working on releasing new tools to cover more applications.

Motivx Tools Made In USA Oil Filter Wrench

One of the new patent-pending oil filter wrench designs.

A list of part numbers that are in the process of transitioning to being manufactured in the US is below. Please check back as this list will be updated throughout 2021.

Note: Some fitment information may have changed from previous part #'s. Please reference description on the product page for updated fitment, or contact us with any questions.

USA-Made Est. Release Dates

MX2320 - May 2021
MX2321 - May 2021
MX2322 - June 2021
MX2323 - June 2021
MX2324 - May 2021
MX2325 - May 2021
MX2326 - June 2021

Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the highest quality oil service tools.

Hunter Hasbrouck
President, Motivx Tools