ShopSabre CNC Pro408 Added To The Shop
April 08, 2019

ShopSabre CNC Pro408 Added To The Shop

Brand New CNC Router Added To The Shop

In early March, our new ShopSabre Pro408 CNC router finally arrived!

After a multi-day trip from MN to WA, it only took about an hour to unload and start setting up in the shop. The video below shows us clearing out space and getting everything unpacked and initially set up.

Video: ShopSabre Pro408 CNC Router Arrives! - Part 1

First Tests For New Products

We got this CNC with a few things in mind, but the first priority is using it to cut our custom foam inserts for some of the new products we are releasing soon. Here's one of our early trial runs with our new Wheel Flip Sockets.

Video: ShopSabre Pro408 CNC - Part II - Foam Trays For Wheel Flip Sockets

We're excited to continue to expand both our manufacturing capabilities and our product offerings this year... thanks for growing with us and stay tuned for new product releases!


Scroll through photos to see photos of the new router.

NEW! Wheel Flip Sockets Just Released

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