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What Customers Are Saying About Motivx Tools

Oil Filter Wrench Stress Test

We conducted a un-scientific benchmark test with our MX2320 Toyota oil filter wrench vs four other popular brands. We took each one to it's breaking point using the 3/8" drive.

After watching, Ian Logan said: "I’ve had to use mine with an impact at one point to get a filter off. That was two years ago, still hasn’t failed. 👍"

You can read full comments here.

Recent reviews from satisfied customers...

Tool Reviewed

Excellent Tool for VW Techs

I've seen similar funnels from companies like AST retail at over $50 apiece. For $18 and FREE SHIPPING this funnel cannot be beat. Pours oil into 2.0L gas and diesel engines so much faster than my previous method using a transmission funnel.

It is a huge time-saver, and a must-have tool if you work on a lot of these engines like I do. Perfect fitment, leak-free, and did i mention FAST?! Will definitely be coming back to Motivx Tools for my future funnel needs!

Randall - October 5th, 2018

Excellent Tool

Thank you for making a difficult job easy.

Nick Mavrostomos - July 29th, 2018

Tool Reviewed

Tool Reviewed

Don't Buy This Tool From A Box Store

I recently purchased what I thought would be a comparable cartridge removal tool from a local auto parts store and I have to say it was a waste of $10. It was a cast part and didn't fit standard tool sizes. It wouldn't grip the filter housing properly and kept slipping off.

So, to the internet I went in search of a proper tool. Found the Motiv X brand, read the reviews, looked at the product and figured I couldn't do any worse than the store purchase. Got it in record time and managed to use it today. This thing worked like a charm. Had to use a rubber mallot to get the cover to break loose but that is no fault of this tool. It fit perfectly and never slipped off the housing.

Well made and fit my standard socket extension perfectly. Snug fit on the filter housing and gripped like a beast. Will recommend this brand to others. Now looking at the filter drain kit and possibly the screw in funnel! Well made product and worth the extra money to get the job done right.

Eric - June 3rd, 2018

This Wrench Does The Job

The hulk at my Lexus dealership over-tightened the oil filter housing to prevent me from changing oil myself. Initially I used the Lexus recommended SST part (a cap that fits the bottom on the filter assembly only). I could not remove the filter. In fact, I tried so hard I broke the cap part.

After Google search, I bought this wrench designed for Lexus. It has grooves that match the tabs on the assembly housing. With a 2 ft wrench bar, I had to lay on the floor, use my thigh and leg to loosen the filter housing.

Thanks to this tool, I got it done.

2W2K - May 14th, 2018

Tool Reviewed

Tool Reviewed

For The Amount Of Money, You Will Not Find A Better Set

Product is very well made and presented well in nice sturdy metal container. Well priced for the quality.

Alex - October 26th, 2017

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