3D Printing With Carbon Fiber Filament
December 07, 2018

3D Printing With Carbon Fiber Filament

When You Run Out Of ABS...

In the course of printing our new product prototypes, we ended up running out of standard ABS filament. Until we scrounge up some new ABS, we figured we'd play around with a spool of carbon fiber filament that we had laying around.

After working our way through an unexpected Windows update, we tried our first print. Before printing, it looked like the support might not hold up, but we couldn't figure out how to add more... it just wasn't working. So we tried printing anyways, and...

The beginning of the print. Shortly after this, the print head ripped up a corner of a support and we stopped the print.

The result from print #1. Cool material, but we thought we could do better.

Let's Try That Again

For the next print, we chose a component of a camera cage that would not need any supports.

This new print had a few hiccups, but turned out pretty well. In reviewing the timelapse, we can see that the front right corner of the print lifted up slightly, which made part of the top surface layer a little rough.

But overall it is pretty strong stuff (as we expected) and our FFF profile seemed to work right off the bat.

Stay tuned for more updates... we are getting some new equipment in the shop in the next few weeks and are super excited to try it out!