Destroying Oil Filter Wrenches - Part Two
October 17, 2018

Destroying Oil Filter Wrenches - Part Two

What will break first - our MX2326 forged aluminum oil filter wrench... or the tools?

Video of stress testing the Motivx Tools MX2320 oil filter wrench.

Stress Test On A Toyota Oil Filter Wrench

Items used in the test:


In Part One of our series on destroying oil filter wrenches, we tested the MX2320 against 4 other competitors. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch the video here.

That test revealed that instead of cracking or breaking, our wrench simply stripped out the 3/8" drive, and did that at a much higher PSI than any of the other wrenches.

But, even though that did impress us, it didn't really help us to see when our wrench would break. The 3/8" drive is really used for lightweight tasks, such as putting the oil filter back on with a torque wrench.

Most manufacturers (including us) reccomend using the 27mm or 1-1/16" drive instead.

The video above shows the results of using the 27mm drive on our wrench on the Skidmore Wilhelm load cell... and that we might have more testing to do.


While we were able to get to significantly higher PSI using the 27mm drive, a larger ratchet and a thrust bearing, our tools failed before the wrench did.

The thrust bearing was crushed and the adpater sheered off before the wrench was really tested.

We were putting an INSANE amount of pressure on this wrench, and as we stated in the video, there would never be a situation where you needed to apply this much force.

However, it does still leave us wondering just when our wrench would break...