Muddy Beards 4x4 How To Fix A Bent Rim With A Hammer And A 2x4
December 11, 2019

How To Fix A Bent Rim With A Hammer And A 2x4

Kelly from Muddy Beards 4x4 shows us a cheap and simple way to fix a bent rim that's causing a bulge in your tire.

Video by Muddy Beards 4x4. Re-published with permission.

Tools Needed:

  • 5lb Sledge Hammer
  • Small 2" x 4" Block Of Wood
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection


  • Air down your tire
  • Put one end of the block of wood along the inside of the rim
  • Pound on the other end of the block of wood with the 5lb hammer until the rim appears to straighten
  • Clean out any debris and air up the tire to spec
  • Check for leaks or bulges

Video Transcription

"Okay, so I don't know how well you're gonna be able to see this, but right here on my rim you can see how it's bent right there. It's causing a little bit of a bulge in the tire right here just in this spot, about two or three inches wide. And I don't really like that.

So I'm trying to use this two by four and my little five pound sledge hammer. And I'm going to try and bend this little section back to hopefully get rid of this bulge on the tire.

So the first thing is I'm gonna attempt to do this without taking the the tire off. So I'm going to let all the air out and just make it as easy as possible on myself. I'm not sure if it'll help or not but I want the least amount of pressure pushing against it and fighting me, so I'm taking the air out.

Okay, now I got all the air out. I'm going to start beating on it. So you're definitely gonna want to use eye protection and ear protection for this.

Looks like it's gone. It's not going to be perfect. So let's air back up and see if that little bubble that was here is now gone. Now I got this tire air back up to 22 psi where I like to have it at where I drive on the street. You can see there's no longer a bulge right here. Which makes me happy. And you can barely see where that dent was. I probably could have banged it out a tiny bit more.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it. And this took me about 10 minutes and cost me zero dollars. Hey guys, thanks for watching. Make sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking up here and you can check out some of our other videos by clicking down here. Anyways, have a good day and see you on the trail. "

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