Tip #2 - Let's Talk Tires
April 08, 2019

Tip #2 - Let's Talk Tires

Our second pro tip is a great reminder about the proper way to check and maintain tire pressure.

Video: How To Properly Check And Maintain Tire Pressure

Hey guys,

One thing that seems to be common throughout my time servicing vehicles is the confusion most owners face when attempting to properly inflate their tires.

What I usually see is vehicle owners defaulting to the pressure stated on their tires, but this is not the proper pressure and would most likely leave your tires over-filled as this is the "max" pressure for the tire under "maximum load" conditions.

To find the manufacturer's recommended specification for your vehicle, check your drivers door jamb for the vehicle information placard, a white rectangular sticker containing useful vehicle information, including tire pressure. If not found on your door jamb, it is sometimes also placed in the glove compartment be manufacturers. It's a good idea to make not of this location of the placard as it also contains the production date date which is useful when purchasing parts.

Remember, keeping your vehicle tires properly inflated will not only save you fuel mileage by decreasing rolling resistance., but will also extend the life of your tires by preventing irregular wear caused by improperly inflated tires.

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