Discount For Tool Headz - 1/4" Ratchet and Socket Set

To claim your set, go to Amazon and use coupon code "ToolHeadz".

Expires August 15th, 2019

Get a Motivx Tools 1/4" Master Set on Amazon for only $25.97!

We've teamed up with the Tool Headz gang to give you a killer deal on our new 1/4" ratchet and socket set.

How to Apply the Code On Amazon

Step #1

Click the "Claim Discount on Amazon" button below or use this link:

Step #2

On the Amazon product page, click the little checkbox under the price to activate a 20% off coupon. (You will apply an additional coupon later).

If activated correctly a green checkbox will appear.

Step #3

Click the "Add To Cart" button.

Step #4

When you come to "Payment Options", find the "Gift Cards & Promotional Codes" header in your cart. Click the dropdown arrow that says, "Enter a gift card or promotional code".

Step #4

Now enter the code "Toolheadz" (All one word).

Click "apply" and that's it! Your 35% off discount is fully applied and you can complete your purchase!

Expires August 15th, 2019