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Destroying Oil Filter Wrenches - Part One

Have you ever had a desire to smash things? Recklessly break them? Apply enough pressure that they snap in half?

This is the article for you.

Fusion3 F410 3D Printer Just Arrived!

We've been prototyping new tool designs for a while now using smaller 3D Printers. They get the job done, but we've hit the point where we needed more speed and reliability.

15 Piece Professional Oil Filter Removal Set

Designed for professional technicians, automotive shops, or the demanding DIY'er, this 15 piece oil filter tool set is compatible with most automotive oil filters currently in use.

Should You Buy An Aftermarket Oil Filter Cap?

A side by side comparison of two oil filter caps. One from the factory and one aftermarket. Is is worth going with the cheaper aftermarket cap and saving a few bucks?