A Special Offer Just For Motivx Garage Facebook Members...

You may know by now that we just released our newest tool, the MX2342 Dodge Cummins Oil Filter Cap Off Tool.

We need to get these into the hands of real users like yourself and your friends, and start getting feedback (namely, Amazon Reviews).

To that end, we're giving Motivx Garage Facebook members the following deal...

Purchase The MX2342 Oil Filter Tool On Amazon, Write A Review, And We'll Give You A $20 Motivx Tools Gift Card!

It's as simple as that! Follow these three steps to get your $20 gift card:

Step 1: Purchase The Tool

Use this link: MX2342 Oil Filter Tool

Make sure to check the little green box on the product page to apply a $5 off coupon!

Step 2: Leave A Review

You can use this link to leave a review: Write Review Here

If you can't use the tool, please pass along to a buddy who can and let us know what he thinks of the tool. We're counting on your feedback!

Step 3: Enter Your Order # Here

Once we recieve your order #, we'll email you a $20 Gift Card that you can use on anything on our website! Thanks for your continued feedback and support - we count on you to help guide us as we release new products that get the job done right the first time.

Hunter Hasbrouck - President | Motivx Tools